The H-GEC offers a variety of courses and programs to meet the needs of interdisciplinary health care practitioners, students, and faculty.

Baby Boomer Imperative: Working Together to Care for the Aging Population

Baby Boomer Imperative is our 40-hour certificate program with 27 hours of onsite training and 13 hours of online training, all with CEUs.

Goal: Overall goal is to increase knowledge and skills in geriatrics/gerontology.
When: Onsite programs occur one Friday per month for four months. Participants may receive CEUs for completing one or more of the day modules. Two course cycles per year.
Certificate:Only those who complete all 40 hours of training will receive a certificate.
Audience:The recommended audience is health and social service professionals interested in geriatrics/gerontology.

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Certificate of Excellence in Geriatrics: Preparing our Future Health Care Workforce for the Aging Boom

Certificate of Excellence in Geriatrics is a 160-hour certificate program for faculty who teach health professional students. The programs consists of three segments:

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The Essentials of Geriatric Care

Essentials of Geriatric Care is a one-day course, offering CME and continuing education credit for nursing, speech and language pathology, and physical therapy.

Goal: Overall goal is to increase knowledge of best geriatric practices, with an emphasis on pathophysiology, medication management, and complex patient management.
When: The next Saturday course offering will be held in the fall of 2014.
Audience: The recommended audience is physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists and dentists. All health professionals are welcome

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Elder Abuse and Mistreatment Series

Presentation 1 of 3: Identifying Elder Abuse:

Presentation 2 of 3: Screening and Intervening in Cases of Elder Abuse:

Presentation 3 of 3: Assessment of Mental Capacity