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Residents rotate through the Chronic Pain Clinic at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Options for treatment of patients consulted on for chronic pain or acute exacerbation of chronic pain of cancer, and pain of benign etiology, consist of the entire spectrum of pain treatment modalities, including optimization of oral medication,  transdermal application, external or internal intraspinal infusion systems, peripheral and central as well as sympathetic nerve blocks. Residents perform under supervision most invasive procedures with utilization of fluoroscopy.

It remains our goal to provide an educational and clinical experience that prepares the resident to function as a consultant in Pain Management in matters that will be encountered in future practice and related to: 1) the management of patients with pain from cancer and non-cancer pain and 2) the management of patients on an outpatient basis.

Common Types of Chronic Pain Treated

  1. Chronic low back and neck pain
  2. Chronic limb pain
  3. Post-lumbar laminectomy pain syndrome (failed back)
  4. Post laminectomy neck pain
  5. Fibromyalgia/myofascial pain syndrome
  6. Osteoarthritis
  7. Sympathetically maintained pain including RSD
  8. Cancer pain
  9. Post herpetic neuralgia
  10. Headache including occipital neuralgia
  11. Other neuropathic pain including paraplegia and diabetic neuropathies
  12. Spinal stenosis
  13. Degenerative disease

Common Types of Interventional Pain Procedures Under Fluoroscopy includes:

  1. Lumbar epidural
  2. Caudal epidural
  3. Transforaminal epidural/selective nerve root block
  4. Lumbar facets injections, including RF of medial branch
  5. SIJ injections
  6. Cervical epidural
  7. Cervical facets and RF of medial branch
  8. Spinal cord stimulation trial
  9. Intrathecal pump trial
  10. Lumbar sympathetics.
  11. Others Procedures including occipital nerve block, trigger point, intercostals nerve blocks and CT-guided celiac plexus block.

For more information regarding Chronic Pain Management Clinic, please contact Syed M. Nasir, M.D., Director of the Chronic Pain Clinic ( phone #713-704-4036).