Latency: Another Potential Code for Feature Binding in Striate Cortex. Gawne, Timothy J., Troels W. Kjaer, Barry J. Richmond. Laboratory of Neuropsychology, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, MD 20892-4415
APStracts 3:0102N, 1996.
1. We recorded the responses of 37 striate cortical complex cells in fixating monkeys while presenting a set of oriented stimuli that varied in contrast. 2. The two response parameters of strength and latency can be interpreted as a code: the strength defines the stimulus form (here the orientation), and the latency is more a function of the stimulus contrast. 3. Synchronization based on latency could make a strong contribution to the process of organizing the neural responses to different objects, i.e. binding.

Received 16 February 1996; accepted in final form 14 May 1996.
APS Manuscript Number J124-6.
Article publication pending J. Neurophysiol.
ISSN 1080-4757 Copyright 1996 The American Physiological Society.
Published in APStracts on 5 June 96