Research Opportunities

The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is currently recruiting participants for the following research studies:

An Open-Label Extension Study of LUMINENZ-AT (CM-AT) in Children with Autism
Principal Investigator: Deborah A. Pearson, Ph.D.

Investigators at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston are conducting a 180-week clinical study to assess the long-term safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication (CM-AT/LUMINENZ-AT) designed to treat behavioral and gastrointestinal symptoms of autism in children. Your child may be eligible if he/she has a diagnosis of autism, is between 9 and 12 years old, and has a parent who can read and sign a consent form written in English. For more information, click here or contact Rosleen Mansour at 713-486-2591 or Rosleen Mansour@uth.tmc.edu.

See the initial study on clinicaltrials.gov

Research Study on Symptoms of ADHD in Autism
Principal Investigator: Deborah A. Pearson, Ph.D.

We are currently recruiting children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders . This study will examine the cognitive and behavioral symptoms of children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders or ADHD and the effectiveness of methylphenidate in treating attention and behavior problems in children who have both Autism and ADHD symptoms. Click here for more information.

Research Registry

Participants may also join our Research Registry and we will contact them for future studies. You may join by:
1) Calling our office at 713-486-2591
2) Completing our form and faxing it to 713-383-3719 or emailing it to Rosleen.Mansour@uth.tmc.edu
Click here for more information.

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Contact Rosleen.Mansour@uth.tmc.edu with comments or suggestions.

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