The Center for Human Development Research (CHDR) is currently involved in several research protocols that occassionally have openings for new research participants. We are also planning several new research activities that will be coming online in the near future. As research opportunities become available, we first consult our CHDR Research Registry. Our registry is used to recruit and match possible participants to research opportunities. Research studies may involve the participation of children, adolescents, and adults with and without autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs), children with known learning disabilities such as mental retardation, ADD/ADHD, or other developmental disabilities. Research information gathered may help scientists, clinicians, and educators better understand intellectual disabilities, how and why they occur, and may lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

What are the potential benefits of research participation?

  • Free screening assessments that may include intelligence, academic, language skills, and behaviors related to ASDs
  • Some studies may also include additional activities such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), medical treatment, and genetic screening.
  • The opportunity to contribute to scientific knowledge about the origins and treatment of certain intellectual disabilities

How can I join the Center for Human Development Research Registry to learn more about current or future research opportunities?

If you are interested in joining our Research Registry (this form can be filled in online);

  • you can complete the Research Participant Information Form (pdf file), print, and mail to:
  • UT Center for Human Development Research
    Attn: Rosleen Mansour
    1941 East Rd. rm 2306
    Houston, TX 77054

  • or Fax the completed Research Registry form to (713) 383-3719
  • or save the form as a file and email to Rosleen.Mansour@uth.tmc.edu

Submitting the completed Research Registry form does not obligate you to participate, nor does it guarantee that you or your child will be eligible to participate in any of our research studies. All information provided will be confidential and only used by our CHDR researchers to determine eligibility. In the event you, or your family member, are selected as a possible candidate for participation in a research study, you will be contacted by telephone or by mail. You will then be provided information about the research study, and what participation would involve. If, at the time you are contacted, you indicate you are interested in participating further, you will then begin the screening process to become a research study participant.

Participation in any research study is completely voluntary and you may decline or withdraw at any time. At any time you may also remove your name from our research registry. All research related services are provided free of charge.

If you would like additional information, please call Rosleen Mansour at (713) 486-2591.



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