Zen Master Visits UTHealth

April 8, 2011

Dr. Alejandro Chaoul, adjunct faculty member of the McGovern Center and director of the Center's Tibetan Meditation program, invited Zen Master Miao Tsan to visit UTHealth and kindly share his insights and wisdom. Master Tsan spoke with members of the University and assisted attendees in guided meditation.

Master Tsan is currently the abbot of Vairocana Zen Monastery in Garden Grove, California, and recently authored a book, Just Use This Mind: Follow the Universal Truth of Oneness of Mind, Body and Spirit, which discusses his beliefs on universal truth as well as the ability one has to use the power of thought to improve life and build a more rewarding existence. The book is a best-seller in Taiwan and China, and was released in the United States by Houston-based publisher, Bright Sky Press.

The Zen Master's visit to UTHealth was the last in his series of Dharma talks and guided meditation that began in Houston on March 22.

Master Tsan was also the topic of a recent feature in the Houston Chronicle.

For more information on the Zen Master's book, visit Just Use This Mind.com.

~ Angela Polczynski

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