How to Apply

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Kirkpatrick

To apply to the Medical Humanities and Ethics Certificate Program, students must complete an application for admittance. This application can be accessed through the Scholarly Concentrations Program page, and submitted through the online system during the Spring semester of the student's MSI year.

For students who do not apply during the first-year, MSII students applications will also be considered for enrollment on a case-by-case basis. Second-year students must also complete the online application through the Scholarly Concentrations page, but it is also suggested they contact the Program Director as well.

On the application, it is recommended students pay special attention to the "Personal Statement" section. Responses to these questions are important for us to better understand the student as an individual as well as their goals and interests in medical humanities.

Applications will be received on a rolling basis; however, enrollment is limited to 30 students per class, so apply early!

Applications will be reviewed by the Program Director. Upon review, students will be contacted to schedule an interview and will be provided with a brief, pre-survey to submit at the time of their interview. Students will also be assigned a program mentor at this time.