Program Outline

Photographs courtesy of Andrew Kirkpatrick

First Two Years

Students take the Introduction to the Medical Humanities course, which is optional during the first-year and required during the Fall semester of the student's second year. All students must attend at least two additional McGovern Center sponsored blue book elective courses by the end of their second year.


After the first year of medical training, students participate in an online summer course in the medical humanities. The course is designed to assist the student's selection of a research project to be completed by graduation.

Third Year

Students attend a writing workshop and keep regular journal entries documenting their experiences during clinical rotations. Journaling helps students develop skills in critical thinking, reflection, and self-knowledge.

Fourth Year

Students attend the fourth-year elective, Humanistic Elements of Medicine, a month-long intensive study of medical humanities. Students also complete their research project and prepare to present it at the program's Medical Humanities Symposium.

A summary of all program requirements can be found here.