What Our Students Say

Our StudentsOur Students
Students attend "Introduction to Medical Humanities"
Photographs courtesy of Andrew Kirkpatrick

Who better to hear the benefits of our Certificate Program from than our students? Read what our students have to say about their experiences in the program.

"With a medical education, you have the tools to take initiative and the voice to be heard. The first two years of med school are no easy task, but the Humanities Program has a way of making you take your head out of the books for a second and remember the fire that brought you here in the first place. It reminds you that in medicine, there is an art to be mastered and relationships to be valued." ~ Britt Solar, Class of 2012

"As a fourth-year medical student with an interest in pursuing a career as a neurosurgeon, I have learned that the art of medicine is not solely a physical practice, but also a process of spiritual and emotional growth and healing. I believe medicine's lessons are best learned through reflection on personal experiences and prior examples, and have a special interest in medical history and its frontiersmen. The McGovern Medical Humanities and Ethics Certificate Program has facilitated my pursuit of these interests through lectures and mentorship from various authorities in medical history and ethics. In addition, I have gained significant insight as a student and healer through the journal writing exercises and senior research project that each student performs. The practices I have developed in the Certificate Program will most certainly serve my patients and myself well for years to come." ~ Saint-Aaron Morris, Class of 2011

"I was initially attracted to the Certificate Program at the beginning of my first year of medical school and have really valued my time as a member of this program. Medical school provides a lot of scientific knowledge, but the humanities program provided a lot of food for thought that has allowed me to become more of a humanitarian and, thereby, a more holistic physician."
~ Nathan Wright, Class of 2011

"Working at the Texas Voice Center allowed me to recognize that the fusion of music and medicine can and does exist. I want to avoid tunnel vision and close-mindedness, as well as maintain my connection with humanity and the artistry and creativity that humanity can conceive and cultivate."
~ Rachel Cavenaugh, Class of 2013

"I chose to apply for the Humanities Certificate Program because I hoped for a well-rounded medical education and an opportunity to see the human side of medicine. I was intrigued by the Certificate Program when I interviewed here, and it played a positive role in helping me choose UT Houston. So far, it has been a very worthwhile experience!" ~ Brittany Sambrano, Class of 2013

"Often during early medical education, everything seems to revolve around biological reductionism, but medicine is so much more than the interactions of genes, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and organs. How do you answer questions such as what does it mean to suffer, to heal, to love and feel compassion, to empathize, and even transcend suffering that cannot be healed through medical science? This is why I am particularly interested in encountering that mysterious thing we call the human condition, because, ultimately, medicine is about treating people. Recently, my question has taken me to the intersection of spirituality and medicine. I was surprised that I had the opportunity to learn from a master, who just happens to be part of the faculty at the McGovern Center, about Tibetan meditation techniques that explore the mind, body, and spirit. Applying these lessons to my own interest in psychotherapy has been an amazing experience." ~ Micah Knobles, Class of 2013