Quackery in Medical History

From John Pemberton's Coca Cola to Jenny McCarthy's anti-vaccine campaign, medical "quackery" in the United States has a long and fascinating history. In this series, students will have the opportunity to examine five infamous cases.

This new blue book is presented by Claire Clark, Visiting Predoctoral Fellow with the McGovern Center. Ms. Clark is also a dual degree candidate in Behavioral Sciences (MPH) and the program in Culture, Science, and History (PhD) at Emory University.

These sessions will be discussion-led rather than a typical lecture format. Class discussions will explore questions

All sessions are scheduled from 5:00—8:00pm in room JJL 410 in the HAM-TMC/Jesse Jones Library Building.

Schedule for Spring 2014

February 11 Introduction to "Quackery" and Pemberton's Coca-Cola
February 18 Mystical Cures and the FDA: William Reich and the Orgone Accumulator
March 18 Evaluating Limits and Progress in Psychiatry: Walter Freeman and the pre-frontal lobotomy
March 25 Pharmaceuticals and Celebrities: Laetrile's cure for cancer
April 22*
rescheduled date
Wrap-up: Vaccine skepticism, autism cures, and assessing "quackery" today


For more information about or to register for this class, contact Angela.Polczynski@uth.tmc.edu

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