Suffering: Pathographies of Mental Illness

The focus of this year's Suffering seminar is on mental illness. What is the meaning of mental illness? What is it like to be mentally ill? How can we, as health care professionals, best care for sufferers of mental illness? To answer these questions, we turn to these persons themselves, as this course explores memoirs of mental illness.

Each session will focus on a pathography of mental illness, with required reading for the course.

Each seminar is held on Thursday evenings from 5:30 — 7:00 pm in JJL 410, located on the fourth-floor of the HAM-TMC/Jesse Jones Library Building.

All seminars will be led by Dr. Nathan Carlin, faculty member of the McGovern Center, Dr. Vineeth John, associate faculty member of the Center and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Dr. Dawnelle Schatte, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.

Students must attend all seven seminar sessions in order to receive blue book credit.

Enrollment space is limited.

Schedule for Spring 2014

Lecture Title
January 29
William Styron and Melancholia
February 5
Emily Colas and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
March 5
Susanna Kaysen and Borderline Personality Disorder
March 26
John Nash and Schizophrenia
April 2
Kay Jamison and Bipolar Disorder
April 16
Jeffrey Dahmer: Mad or Bad?
April 30
Nick Flynn and Homeless Life


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