Campus-Wide Ethics Program

In 2009, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) established a Campus-Wide Advisory Committee of faculty across all disciplines, dedicated to working together to develop innovative, interdisciplinary programs.

Key activities include:

What We Do

While health care providers of the future will increasingly work as teams of caregivers, each health care field, such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, and public health, has developed its own ethics program to distinguish its field from others. Recognizing the tremendous need for interprofessional programs across all medical specialties, UTHealth launched a Campus-Wide Ethics Program in 2009—the first of its kind in the nation. With its six professional schools, UTHealth is uniquely positioned to develop a leadership role in how caregiving teams from different disciplines address common ethical decisions, minimizing potential conflict.

How We're Different

As the largest academic health science center located in the world's largest medical center, we are uniquely situated to address the ethical decision-making capacity of tomorrow's health care teams. Utilizing innovative curricula, enhanced faculty development, and program-wide assessments, we are helping to forge new trends in health care education. Programs such as our Quality Enhancement Plan, serve as a road map for the future and command national attention in the field of interdisciplinary ethics training.

Program Goals

Guiding Principles