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  1. Karff, Samuel E. Recognizing the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection in Medical Care. American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, 11(10), 788-792, 2009.

    Abstract: The clinician healer must both address the disease and seek to know the medical condition being experienced by the patient—what impact it has on his or her life and spirit.

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  2. Villanueva, Lynda S., Schmidt, Lacy, L., Amick, Benjamin C., Karff, Samuel E., Gakovic, Anika, & Toney-Podratz, Leah. Sacred Vocation: Developing Meaningful Work Through a Participatory Change Process.

    Abstract: A participatory change process known as the Sacred Vocation Project, is an ongoing organizational change focused on both developing individuals' spiritual interpretation of their work and redesigning the work environment for St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas. The pilot project results suggest that employees' spirituality and the organization of work simultaneously influence the meaning employees attribute to their work, the resultant attitudes employees hold toward their organization, and employees' work behaviors.

  3. Sacred Vocation Program in a Place of Healing. UT Distinctions, August 2005. Formerly available online at:

    Abstract: "...The developers of the Sacred Vocation Program believe this spiritual connection improves the employees' outlook on their work, and this environment for their patients..."

  4. Rabbi Karff Urges Health Care Professionals to Look for Meaning: Presentation Explores the Connection Between Spirituality and Medicine. Baptist Leader, 2002.

    Abstract: "...Rabbi Karff believe that if hospital administrators want staff to nurture the spirit of the patient, administrators must nurture the spirit of the staff..."

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  5. The Power to Sustain Hope or Destroy Hope. UT Distinctions, April 2006. Formerly available online at:".

    Abstract: "...Another part of the mission is to help health care workers see their work not just as a job, but as a calling. A program called Sacred Vocation conducted in partnership with Episcopal Health Charities. This intervention targets health care workers in hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. The McGovern Center currently is engaged in a year-long intervention with 400 techs at Baylor Hospital in Dallas..."

  6. Recognizing Excellence at BUMC. Excellence in Action, Baylor University Medical Center Newsletter, February 2006.

    Abstract: "'...In this phase, the graduates are turning from personal awareness of their job as a sacred vocation to looking at enablers and barriers to their work environment,' says Chick Deegan, facilitator for Sacred Vocation's Phase Two and associate director, UTA School of Nursing, Center for Leadership in Nursing and Health Care..."

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