Our Program

Burnout is rampant among those charged with healing. The Sacred Vocation Program© (SVP) begins with the premise that effective healing begins with nurturing the spirit of the health care worker and making necessary changes in the work environment. Designed for healthcare and educational institutions, the SVP creates meaning-centered work that links individual employee growth to organizational change.

How We're Different

Many workplace interventions encourage participants to realize that the organization's goals are the same as the employee's goals. SVP accomplishes the organizational goals of improved employee performance by nurturing the spirit of the employee. Employees become more aware that doing their best makes them feel more committed to their work and creates a meaning-centered life. Ultimately, this enhances the quality of work performed and results in a more healing, enriching work environment.

Success of the SVP is measured by improved quality of work life, health, patient or client satisfaction, and reduced turnover, injury, and illness. It also promotes a labor market where workers expect work to be meaningful to them and where employers seek to create meaningful work.

Why Sacred Vocation?

Program for Nurse's Aides

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