Graduate Programs for Health Educators


The University of Houston offers three graduate programs which emphasize teaching and learning for health science professionals online and on the campus of the Texas Medical Center. 

1.    Certificate in Integrating Innovative Technologies in Health Science Education
2.    Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis in Health         Science Education
3.    Executive Doctorate in Professional Leadership for Health Science Education

Courses are taught by University of Houston College of Education faculty and the degrees are awarded by the University of Houston. The instructors utilize academic activities that students can use in their professional lives as they explore best practices in teaching, learn to design and conduct research and investigate the uses of instructional technology in academic healthcare environments.

These graduate programs are aimed at healthcare professionals (such as physicians, dentists, nursing faculty, allied health professionals, basic science faculty, fellows, residents, medical and dental students, staff and others) who are working or studying at a healthcare institution, either in the Houston area or elsewhere.

For more information about these programs (, please contact Bernard Robin, Ph.D., program coordinator.


Dr. Bernard Robin at The University of Houston