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MOTIVATE OuTpatient IntensiVe Addiction Treatment


The MOTIVATE program is based on scientific evidence that addictions are medical disorders that require comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment, using effective strategies known to reduce drug use and prevent relapse.

At the MOTIVATE program, clients undergo an initial evaluation that includes extensive medical and psychiatric screening, including blood work, electrocardiogram, physical examination, addiction severity evaluation, and psychiatric evaluation. The initial evaluation takes several hours to complete, which can be done over two days.

After the initial evaluation, clients will enter the MOTIVATE program. MOTIVATE does not include inpatient medical detoxification services, but does provide advice and referral information for clients in need of such services.

The MOTIVATE program is 12 weeks long and requires twice-weekly (Tuesday, Thursday) visits between the hours of 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. At one visit each week, clients meet with a nurse, who performs a medical evaluation of current drug and alcohol use. The physician also meets with the client at this visit. At the second weekly visit, clients meet with their therapist for counseling.

At the end of 12 weeks, clients receive feedback on their response to treatment along with post-treatment recommendations, including options for extending the MOTIVATE program.

Like other serious medical disorders, addiction treatment requires close and continuous monitoring. For all of the MOTIVATE clients, we collect urine drug screens and breath alcohol levels at each visit. Similar to monitoring blood glucose for a diabetic, close medical monitoring of addictive behaviors is a critical component of treatment success.

All of our programs are confidential. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 713-486-2790.