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Demeanor and Dress Standards


The following guidelines regarding conduct and appearance derived from those of the Memorial-Hermann Healthcare System apply to our students at all UT-Houston Medical School clinical facilities.


  •  Greet others in hallways, elevators, and at work stations with a kind word or smile.
  •  Assist people in finding their way.


  •  Respect privacy and dignity.
  •  Knock and wait for a response before entering areas.
  •  Discuss confidential or sensitive information about patients only with those having a valid need to know and do so privately, never in public places.
  •  Be tolerant of cultural differences.


  •  Present a positive image.
  •  Wear name badge or name tag so that name is clearly visible at all times.
  •  Limit eating, drinking, and smoking to designated areas.
  •  Avoid personal conversations with co-workers when providing patient care.
  •  Make no inappropriate or negative comments about patients, co-workers, or physicians.



  •  Hair should be clean and neat.
  •  Hair may not be dyed unnatural colors.
  •  Hair ornaments shall be moderate and in good taste.
  •  Shoulder length or longer hair shall be pulled back or covered.
  •  Well-groomed, closely trimmed beards, sideburns, and mustaches are allowed, but may not interfere with personal protective gear.

Daily Hygiene

  •  Daily hygiene must include clean teeth, hair, clothes, and body, including use of deodorant.
  •  Clothing should be clean, pressed, and in good condition.


  •  Nails must be conservative in length (not longer than 1/2 inch beyond the fingertip) and must be neatly manicured.
  •  If polish is used, it may not be black, blue, green, purple or yellow shades. All nails must be solid in color and the same color. No nail jewelry or nail art is allowed.


  •  Men's and women's scents are permitted if mild and not used to mask body odor.


  •  Make-up should be used to enhance a natural look and should not detract from a person's appearance.
  •  Extreme or excessive make-up will not be allowed.

Permissible Jewelry

  •  A wedding set and one ring
  •  One simple chain bracelet
  •  A watch
  •  No more than two earrings per ear
  •  Body piercing is permitted in ears only; no other visible body piercing is permitted.


  •  Skirt length shall be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee and may not be tight fitting.
  •  Split skirts and dress shorts are permitted, provided they are not tight fitting and fall within the skirt guidelines.


  •  Pants shall not be tight fitting.
  •  Denim pants of any color, spandex, leggings, athletic wear, and sweatsuits shall not be worn.


  •  Shoes must be clean and in good condition.
  •  Heels shall be no higher than three inches.
  •  Casual sandals and canvas sneakers shall not be worn.
  •  Leather tennis shoes are permitted in a conservative color.


  •  Revealing clothing is not permitted and proper undergarments shall be worn.
  •  Appropriate socks or hosiery must be worn. Ornamental or textured hosiery is not permitted (i.e., lace, rhinestones, bows, etc.).
  •  Sunglasses are to be worn indoors only if prescribed by a physician or required for the job.
  •  All tattoos shall be appropriately covered so as not to be visible.