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Grade Grievance Procedure


In attempting to resolve any student grievance regarding grades or evaluations, it is the obligation of the student first to make a serious effort to resolve the matter with the faculty member with whom the grievance originated. Course directors retain primary responsibility for assigning grades and evaluations. Students wishing to appeal a grade must submit a letter to the course director through the Office of Student Affairs within a month of the issuance of the grade. The course director must respond within ten working days. If the matter cannot be resolved with the course director, the student may appeal through the Office of Student Affairs to the department chairman, or his/her designate, who must respond within ten working days and whose judgment is final unless compelling evidence suggests discrimination, differential treatment or mistake. If the evidence warrants appeal, the student must submit a request in writing with supporting evidence to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, who, upon receipt of the request, will review the case and submit a written recommendation to the Dean within 10 working days. The determination of the Dean is final, and there is no further appeal.