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Leave of Absence Policy


The faculty of the UTMSH in its concern for the welfare and progress of each medical student has, through careful thought and consideration, developed a leave of absence policy along the following guidelines:

  1. Requests for a leave of absence will be considered individually by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.
    1. A leave of absence ordinarily will be granted to students in good standing.
    2. When a leave of absence is granted during the course of an academic period, all course work in the period during which the leave is begun must be repeated.
    3. If a student has a grade less than Pass in any course, he/she will not be considered to be in good standing.
    4. A request for a leave by a student who is not in good standing is subject to review by the Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee (SEPC).
    5. At the time the student initiates the request for a leave, the course directors will ascertain the student's academic performance to that point in each course underway and grade the student's performance to date. This information will be used to determine whether or not the student is in good standing and what conditions should be imposed on the leave.
    6. In the event conditions are imposed on the leave, the Committee will review the student's record before he or she is permitted to return from the leave.
  2. Leaves of Absence will not interfere with the requirements that:
    1. Students must be eligible to begin their junior year no more than three years (four years for the Alternate Pathway) after matriculation.
    2. Students must graduate within no more than six years (seven years for the Alternate Pathway) after matriculation.
  3. Students may appeal to the SEPC to request a waiver of these policies or re-consideration of denials of leave of absence.
  4. For appeal of the SEPC decision, refer to appeals procedure.