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Experimental Analysis of

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Course Director: Anthony A. Wright, Ph.D.

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Course Description

This course will cover current research topics in neuroscience at UT, and is intended for first semester students. Through informal weekly discussions with different faculty members and their advanced graduate students, the class will have the opportunity to learn about both the general and specific issues faculty members are trying to answer in their work, the experimental approaches being used, and the progress being made with regard to those issues.

The purpose of this course is to give new students an opportunity to obtain a vivid glimpse of modern neuroscience from the investigator's perspective. Each week, for the first 45 minutes, a different neuroscientist will informally discuss the "big" issues he/she is exploring, and how they are being approached experimentally. During the second half of each class period, an advanced graduate student from that faculty member’s lab will present some aspects of the current research being conducted to investigate the questions outlined by their advisor.

This is a pass/fail course, with a deliberately informal shop-talk kind of style, in order to communicate the fun and spirit of scientific investigation. At the end of the course, students will not only be familiar with the research discussed, they will also be on comfortable speaking terms with a large number of investigators doing Neuroscience research at UT.

Course Requirements

Permission of the instructor.

Required Textbooks

Readings will be approximately 150 pages per class meeting. Portions of textbooks and original articles will be assigned.

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