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Office of Informatics

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About The Office of Informatics

The Office of Informatics serves as the primary source of end-user information technology and services within the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy.  The office is staffed by a LAN Manager (SASIII) and a Website & Content Coordinator.

The services provided by the Office of Informatics include:

  1. Administration and security of servers and workstations;
  2. Administration of server applications;
  3. Integration, installation, support, and repair of workstations (and related peripheral devices);
  4. Network administration and support;
  5. Application development and support;
  6. Desktop publishing, website publishing and related pre- and post-production support for lecture material and multimedia content used in several of the department's academic courses;
  7. World Wide Web development, coordination, and support; and
  8. Assistance in the purchase of all information technology needs

The office currently maintains several Microsoft Windows servers providing file and print server services, Matlab license services, and Track-It Inventory database.  The Office of Informatics also provides support to the Computational Neuroscience Core Facility, such as management of a Beowulf cluster computer.  Finally, the Office of Informatics functions as a bridge between the needs of the Department for information technology and the Institutional information technology infrastructure.

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