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Coordinator: Doug Baxter, Ph.D. | E-Mail
Telephone: 713.500.5565

Computational Neuroscience Core Facility (CNCF)The mission of the Computational Neuroscience Core Facility is to provide state-of-the-art computational resources to students and researchers who are developing and analyzing mathematical models of neural networks, neurons, and cellular processes that underlie neural function. The centerpiece of the facility is a Penguin Computing high performance 64-bit architecture Beowulf cluster which provides parallel processing capabilities across an array of high-speed central processing units (CPUs). The cluster consists of a master node and 15 compute nodes, each containing two dual core AMD processors (Opteron 280) with a 1Gigabit ethernet backbone. A Matlab distribution engine provides 32 licenses and access to numerous toolboxes to users of the facility. A 24 Terabyte Network Application Storage (NAS) provides centralized file server capabilities as well as the resources necessary to archive and secure data. In addition, the facility includes over a dozen single- and multi-processor workstations and peripheral devices (e.g., scanners, high-capacity printers, color printers, and large-format plotters). All computer resources are connected to the Departmental high-speed network, and thus other workstations with the Department can access the resources of this facility. In addition, the facility supports several personnel, including: two scientific programmers who have extensive experience with programming and computational neuroscience; a systems administrator who has extensive experience with various operating systems used within the facility; and a number of full- and part-time programmers. These personnel help ensure that students and researchers can take full advantage of the available resources. Finally, the Computational Neuroscience Core Facility sponsors a series of visits and seminars by leading researchers in the field of computational neuroscience. Thus, this facility provides opportunities for extensive interactions and detailed discussions among students and researchers as well as access to modern computational resources.

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