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Department Seminar Series: 2010-2011 Season

Date Speaker Institution Sponsor
8/30/2010 Geoff Ghose, PhD University of Minnesota Beauchamp
9/2/2010 Jair Soares, PhD University of Texas Houston Byrne
9/16/2010 Margaret A. MacNeil, PhD York College CUNY Marshak
9/23/2010  Pablo Castillo, MD, PhD Albert Einstein College of Medicine Beierlein
9/30/2010 Robert J. Zatorre, PhD Montreal Neurological Institute Grad Students
10/7/2010 Evanna L. Gleason, PhD Louisiana State University Marshak
10/14/2010 Douglas G. McMahon, PhD Vanderbilt University S  Massey
10/21/2010 Oleg A. Sineschekov, PhD University of Texas - Houston Marshak
10/28/2010 Ingrid Johnsrude, PhD Queens University Beauchamp
11/4/2010 Yang Dan, PhD Berkeley Dragoi
11/11/2010 Takeo Watanabe, PhD Boston University Dragoi
12/2/2010 Todd C. Sacktor, PhD Downstate University Shouval
12/9/2010 Peter Ford Dominey, Ph.D.

INSERM Stem Cell & Brain Research Institute, Lyon, France

12/16/2010 Sabine Kastner, PhD Princeton Neuroscience Institute Felleman
1/6/2011 Russell Poldrack, PhD University of Texas at Austin (CANCELLED) Beauchamp
1/13/2011 Allison Doupe, PhD University of California San Francisco Felleman
1/20/2011 Nicholas Hatsopoulos, Ph.D. University of Chicago Dragoi
1/27/2011 Menghang Xia, PhD National Institutes of Health (Rescheduled to May 5) Dash
2/3/2011 Charles A. Greer, PhD Yale University (CANCELLED) Nagayama
2/10/2011 Michele A. Basso, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison Sereno
2/24/2011 Rene Carlos Renteria, PhD UT Health Science Center at San Antonio Marshak
3/10/2010 Alice O'Toole, PhD UT Dallas Beauchamp
3/24/2011 Henrique von Gersdorff, PhD Vollum Institute Heidelberger
3/31/2011 Xiao-Jing Wang, PhD Yale University (CANCELLED) Shouval
4/7/2011 Nicholas J. Priebe, Ph.D. UT Austin  
4/14/2011 Juan M. Dominguez, PhD UT Austin Grad Students
4/21/2011 Odelia  Schwartz, PhD Albert Einstein College of Medicine Shouval
4/28/2011 Raghu Vemuganti, PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison Dash
5/5/2011 Menghang Xia, PhD National Institutes of Health Dash
5/19/2011 Daniel Weinberger, MD (NRC) National Institutes of Health  
5/26/2011 Amy Harkins, PhD St. Louis University School of Medicine (CANCELLED) Heidelberger

NOTE: All seminars are held in Room MSB 2.135 and begin at 4:00 PM except where stated otherwise.

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