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The primary responsibility of the Academic Technology (OAC) is to enhance and sustain an environment within the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) in which integrated, computational solutions are developed to meet educational, clinical and research requirements.

Digital ID's
Digital ID's allow e-mails to be digitally signed, which guarantees authenticity, and can allow access to restricted sites within the University. UTHealth has a contract with VeriSign, a Certificate Authority approved by the State of Texas, which means digital signatures certified by VeriSign are legal signatures.

Guest Accounts
Contractors and others having legitimate, professional affiliations with the university may be granted "guest" access to The University of Texas Houston Health Science Center at Houston information systems. To be granted "guest" access, an individual must be sponsored by a faculty or administrative and professional (A&P) employee of UTHealth. Sponsors may request "guest" access for an individual by logging in below and completing the subsequent form. Individuals who are not university employees or students must be listed in the university directory service as guests if they are to have non-public access to any UTHealth information resource.

Multimedia Scriptorium
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible in the health sciences. In addition, the University is committed to the development of scholarly courseware and content that is designed to meet the specific needs of the health science community. The Multimedia Scriptorium (MmS) is a creative resource that facilitates this mission.

The Multimedia Scriptorium team assists the University in development of a variety of projects ranging from complex courseware to simply designed departmental web pages. The team provides some fee-for-service work, as well as contributing their time to worthy projects at no charge.

Software Development
The Academic Technology (OAC) provides a full range of services to integrate, process, and distribute information for the academic community. Our programmers and systems analysts will consult with University faculty and staff to determine the pieces required for effective systems, identify other groups within the Health Science Center with complementary data needs and determine the combination of custom and off-the-shelf software that provides the best price/performance solution. In those cases where custom programming provides the best solution, the OAC offers software development on a fee-for-service basis.

The Academic Technology (OAC) supports the integrated, computational solution of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston by providing educational programs through the Multimedia Scriptorium. These programs are available for all UTHealth students, faculty, and staff, free of charge. Please call 713.500.3502 to reserve a place for you.

Local Area Network (LAN) Manager Support
The Academic Technology provides support for LAN Managers within UTHHSC in the following areas:

  • Notification and publication of UT system and Health Science Center standards for computers and networks
  • Distribution and support of networking software and key network applications
  • Assistance in troubleshooting network and operating system problems
  • Notification for projects/issues of broad interest or of a critical nature
  • Maintenance of the Managers' mailing list.


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Updated February 10, 2011

Phone: 713.500.3502    7000 Fannin St. Suite 780, Houston, Texas 77030