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Your University ID (UID)

Your UID is your "university ID." In the past, people might have many logins to different systems. Each system ran on its own and had its own administrator. If someone joined the university, the new employee would have to contact the administrator of each system to which they needed access and request an ID and password. When they left the university, the administrator of each system had to be notified or found out when the password expired.

With the new UID system, the ID is computer generated. The system automatically removed people when they are removed from PeopleSoft. So, the same system that hires and releases employees, and the system that enrolls and releases students, sets the ID. Eventually, we hope everyone will have only 2 ID's on campus, their UID and their Digital ID (the second acts as a digital signature AND allows users to reset their own passwords for their UID)

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Updated February 10, 2011