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Web Development Resources

The Multimedia Scriptorium
The Multimedia Scriptorium (MmS) facilitates the creation, publication and distribution of multimedia courseware and other scholarly works by faculty, students and staff of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). The Multimedia Scriptorium team assists the university in development of a variety of projects ranging from complex courseware to Web "front ends" for three-tier Web applications to simply designed departmental Web pages. The team provides fee-for-service work in addition to creating content for core Academic Technology resources and services. The Scriptorium staff also provides training for the creation of Web content.

Web Publishing with Academic Technology
Publishing content via the Web involves the following steps:

  • determining the security classification of the material to be published,
  • requesting Web site space on appropriate servers for publishing,
  • designating access rights to publish, modify and delete content
  • designating access restrictions for viewing Web documents,
  • appending appropriate meta-data elements to documents for facilitating discovery by search tool(s), and
  • uploading content to assigned Web space.

The Netcenter


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