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Conferences are held in the Ed and Raye White Conference Center on the 19th floor of the Memorial Hermann Professional Plaza. Conferences, including Grand Rounds, are open to all interested residents, fellows, and medical students.

 Current Month Conference Schedule  

Attendance at all conferences is mandatory.  Residents stationed at LBJ are also required to be present.  Most conferences are held in the Raye and Ed White Conference Center in the Cizik Eye Clinic.  Attendance at each conference is recorded on the Conference Attendance Sheet present at each conference.  These are collected by the Chief Resident and turned in to the Department office.  A date, speaker, and specific topic, along with the attendees and presenting residents must be recorded on the attendance sheet.  All conference activities are recorded, including those off campus, special topics, practice management, and review conferences.


It is a good practice for each resident to keep a list of any interesting patients they encounter; then when a case needs to be presented at any conference, this list will be a valuable resource.


Each resident’s attendance will be monitored and reviewed at resident evaluation meetings.  Absence from conferences, without permission, may result in disciplinary measures.  These may include a letter in the permanent file, suspension of privileges to perform and assist at surgeries, or loss of other residency privileges deemed appropriate by the faculty.


The following conferences provide the core group of conferences, and additional topics are often presented throughout the year.  (See Section IV. D. Conference Assignments)


Resident Curriculum/Basic and Clinical Science Curriculum (BCSC)

The curriculum is a series of lectures based on the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s The Basic and Clinical Science Course in Ophthalmology (BCSC).  These volumes provide the basis, but not the sole source, for the major portion of the curriculum.  These conferences are regularly scheduled, according to topic, throughout the year.  The entire course is repeated each year.  The purpose of this curriculum is to prepare the resident for an effective practice in ophthalmology, and to prepare the resident for the Qualifying Board Examination in Ophthalmology at the end of the training period.  (Faculty Director:  Judianne Kellaway, M.D.)


Case Conferences

Case Conferences are held several times a month.  The purpose of these conferences is to present interesting cases for discussion by the residents and faculty.  This provides a very good experience for careful observation, an essential skill in ophthalmology, as well as developing a fund of knowledge through discussion of the case and its management, as well as very good practice for oral examinations.  Residents will present cases on a rotating basis, and topics are assigned to provide comprehensive coverage.  Topics include a wide variety of subjects and are monitored by the Chief Resident and Program Director.  (Director:  Chief Resident)


Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are held on the second Thursday of each month.  The format of Grand Rounds is the presentation of cases by the residents and discussions with the faculty and guests.  Grand Rounds are attended by the visiting lecturer for the Houston Ophthalmological Society from September through May.


Usually, the cases chosen for Grand Rounds are topics within the expertise of the guest speaker.  Residents who are presenting cases should review the case and the presentation with faculty well in advance of the conference.  It is a good practice for each resident to keep a list of any interesting patients they encounter; then when a case needs to be presented at any conference, this list will be a valuable resource.  (Faculty Directors:  Robert M. Feldman, M.D.)


Guest Lecturer

The guest speaker for Houston Ophthalmological Society presents a didactic lecture prior to Grand Rounds every month.  This occurs September through April on the second Thursday of the month.  (Faculty Directors:  Robert M. Feldman, M.D.)


Houston Ophthalmological Society (

From September through April, HOS is held monthly.  All residents are encouraged to attend.  The format is dinner followed by the meeting and guest speaker.  The speaker list for each year is distributed in the early fall.  The purpose of HOS is to foster and encourage lifelong learning, professionalism, and networking with colleagues from other areas and institutions.  (Director:  President of the HOS)


Journal Club

Journal Club is conducted once every month.  The purpose of Journal Club is to develop good reading habits which will keep the practicing ophthalmologist up to date in the years to come, to learn to critically evaluate journal articles, to learn the various types of studies presented in the literature, and to develop a broad base of fundamental knowledge from original journal articles.  It is the responsibility of the resident to read the three major ophthalmology journals in their entirety, (AJO, Ophthalmology, and Archives of Ophthalmology) and be prepared to discuss any of the articles for that month.  Other assignments for Journal Club may include a review and discussion of the classic articles in various specialties in ophthalmology.  (Faculty Director:  Nan Wang, M.D.)


Ethics Rounds

Ethic Rounds are held monthly.  The purpose of Ethics Rounds is to provide the resident with thought-provoking ethical, medicolegal, and socioeconomic issues in order to build a foundation for their future practice.  Residents will present cases on a rotating basis.  (Faculty Director:  Judianne Kellaway, M.D.)



Photo Conference

Photo Conference is held monthly.  The format is presentation of a photograph of an ocular disease with a discussion among faculty and residents.  The residents are guided in discussion by questions from the faculty until a differential diagnosis is developed.  The format is very similar to the oral board examination of the American Board of Ophthalmology.  (Faculty Director:  Richard S. Ruiz, M.D.)


Residents’ Meeting

A Residents’ Meeting is scheduled frequently, usually every month, for residents and faculty members.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss any issues in the program which may impact faculty and residents.  The Chief Resident will manage the agenda for this meeting along with input from the Program Director.  Agenda items should be directed to the Chief Resident.  (Faculty Director:  Judianne Kellaway, M.D.)


Quality Assurance and M&M Conference

The topics of quality assurance and improving patient care are presented at several meetings throughout the year.  In addition, several resident meetings each year also address these issues.  (Faculty Director:  Judianne Kellaway, M.D.)


OKAP Reviews

In the spring prior to the OKAPs, several review lectures are given by UT faculty and physicians in the community and from other medical schools.