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Department of Ophthalmology
The Department of Ophthalmology


The Ruiz Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of all.


Basic and Clinical Science Curriculum

The residents’ curriculum is a series of lectures based on the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s The Basic and Clinical Science Course in Ophthalmology.  This prepares the resident for an effective practice in ophthalmology, and for the Qualifying Board Examination in Ophthalmology. 

Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinicopathological Conference

The purpose of this conference is to provide additional problem-solving experience in practical neuro-ophthalmology.

General Clinicopathological Conference

Cases are presented for discussion by the residents and faculty.  This develops a fund of knowledge through discussion and is practice for oral boards. 

Ethics Rounds     

Ethics discussions provide the resident with thought-provoking ethical,  medicolegal, and socioeconomic issues.

Journal Club        

The purpose of the monthly Journal Club is to develop good reading habits which will keep the practicing ophthalmologist up to date in the years to come, to learn to critically evaluate journal articles, to learn the various types of studies presented in the literature, and to develop a broad base of fundamental knowledge from original journal articles. 

Grand Rounds    

Grand Rounds, where cases are presented for discussion and management, are attended by the visiting lecturer for the Houston Ophthalmological Society.

Fluorescein Conference

A fluorescein conference introduces the resident to this invaluable diagnostic tool.  Cases are presented and discussed.

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