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The faculty of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science has a single purpose in the training of residents:  to give each individual physician the benefit of a quality education in the field of ophthalmology.  Through faculty dedication and individualized instruction in the clinics and in the operating room, through faculty, resident, and student participation at didactic conference, through numerous patient encounters and with a wide variety of pathology, the faculty is committed to help each resident achieve a superb knowledge base and excellent preparation for the board examination.

Nearly 2,000 patients are seen every month at the Cizik Eye Clinic, and almost 1,000 at LBJ. The residents in this program have a major role in caring for all of these patients. Because our center is a tertiary care center, there is no match for the variety of pathology seen in our clinics—everything from routine problems to serious, chronic conditions only rarely seen. Because of the close relationship with the 175 other graduate medical programs at UT-Houston, the consultation experience provides the resident with a network of colleagues from many other specialties.  The surgical training in our program is a progressive and stepwise experience, under close supervision of the faculty. Residents are exposed to all ophthalmic surgical procedures, traditional and innovative. In addition, the ophthalmology faculty are responsible for the consultation service at Memorial Hermann Hospital—a Level I trauma center—so the residents obtain ample experience in ophthalmic trauma evaluation and surgery.

In addition, in accordance with ACGME guidelines, residents are first and foremost students, rather than employees, and all accreditation standards and activities in this program reflect this distinction.  Residents will be protected as students with respect to their educational environment and the clinical settings in which they learn.  Resident concerns about the nature of the educational process and their educational goals are taken seriously by this faculty and every opportunity to improve this residency is undertaken.


2013 Interview Dates (for training beginning July 1, 2015)
  November 1, 2013                           November 8, 2013