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Pioneer Award Information

About the Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award was established with proceeds from the sale of equity securities from UTHealth Portfolio Companies and from prior royalty proceeds. The Pioneer Award closely matches the goals and purposes of the University of Texas System Texas Ignition Fund and broaden the opportunities for supporting UTHealth projects that show strong translation potential for commercial development.

The Pioneer Award will provide seed funds to faculty to support promising discoveries in their translation into a stage where patent or copyright protection can be actively pursued. By providing seed funding to the researcher for such uses as proof of concept studies, toxicology, formulation or chemical compounding, or prototype development, the discoveries will be better positioned to transfer off campus and into a commercial entites hands to facilitate their translation to clinical practice. The funding level is small and focused on IP protection and technology commercialization.


How to Apply

To apply for the Pioneer Award, a technology or discovery must first be reported to the Office of Technology Management via a Technology Report Form.  After such disclosure, complete the Pioneer Award Application and submit the completed form to the Office of Technology Management.

For more information or for any questions, please contact Christine Flynn.