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Market: DVD’s for education are a growing market. Ideally, they present an engaging way for children or adults to learn about a given subject from leaders in a field who may be inaccessible otherwise. In science, and other difficult to explain technical pursuits, this market is especially robust.

Competitors and Current Problems: Many video presentations are geared toward teaching children about science. However, most are not engaging, and the lessons are soon forgotten.

The Technology: “And the Winner is” was created by Dr. Ferid Murad shortly after he won the 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine. This ten minute video accomplishes much in its brief running time. The video explains to children what the Nobel Prize is, to whom it is awarded, and gives a brief rundown of Dr. Murad’s work on nitric oxide signaling. All of this is done in the hopes of explaining to children how exciting and rewarding a career in science can be. The lesson is presented in a fun and interactive manner, and is of great benefit to both children and adults who might be interested in the Nobel Prize or Dr. Murad’s work.

UTHSC-H Ref. Nos.: 2007-0052-CR
UTHSCH Inventors: Ferid Murad, et al
License Available: non-exclusive, worldwide

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