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Elder Loving Care Oral Hygiene: Caregiver Training (DVD)

Market: As the US population ages, elder issues will move more and more to the front of the nation’s consciousness. In the future increasing numbers of people will find themselves in one way or another caring for an elderly relative. Thus, it becomes important for caregivers of the elderly, both family and paid caregivers, to learn how to care for an older person when the need arises.

Competitors and Current Problems: While numerous programs exist to address caregiver issues, these programs are often directed toward professional caregivers and are not presented in an engaging manner. Ideally, educational videos would provide real world information to assist those who care for the elderly, and do so in a manner that considers time constraints.

The Technology: To this end, faculty at the UT School of Nursing and the UT Dental School in Houston have created the Elder Loving Care Oral Hygiene: Caregiver Training DVD. As the name suggests this video focuses on showing caregivers how to provide oral care. The content reflects both a dental and a nursing background, and shows those who are or may be caregivers how to properly care for the oral health of the elderly and how to know if dental care is required. Oral care is important since oral bacteria may lead to serious health problems. This DVD fills a need for those who must learn to give care to the elderly through descriptions of care needed and through demonstration.

Video clips (1 to 1.5 minutes) are available on the COA website for “just in time” learning for caregivers who need quick information. Please see sample video clips at

UTHSC-H Ref. No.: 2008-0021-CR
UTHSCH Inventors: Nancy Bergstrom, June Sadowsky, and Donna Warren Morris
License Available: non-exclusive, worldwide

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