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Food Intake Analysis System

Competitors and Current Problems: There are many nutritional analysis systems on the market. However, none of these programs uses the nutrient retention factor method for recipe calculations or access the Survey Nutrient Database unmodified. In addition, no current nutritional analysis programs allow for addition of moisture or fat gains or losses due to cooking. These features are beneficial in assessing the actual nutrient content of foods as eaten.

Technology: Dr. Sue McPherson, a faculty member at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, has developed a system for nutritional analysis. More specifically, the Food Intake Analysis System (FIAS) is a user friendly microcomputer nutritional analysis software package designed to assist in the collection, entry, maintenance, storage, retrieval and analysis of food intake data from food records or recalls. The FIAS system includes nutritional analysis programs, nutrient data files, a sample food intake form and sample recipe form, and camera ready copies of two-dimensional food models.

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UTHSC-H Ref. No.: 1991-0003
Inventors: McPherson
Patent Status: N/A
License Available: world-wide; non-exclusive or exclusive

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