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Stroke: Conversations and explanations (DVD)

Market: Almost seven hundred fifty thousand people suffer a stroke annually. The effects can be minor to significantly debilitating. Treatments for stroke are getting better. However, once a patient is discharged from the hospital, he or she, as well as those who care for him/her, are left with a situation they are ill equipped to deal with. As the number of stroke survivors continues to rise (in the neighborhood of six million at this time), there is a huge need for instructions on how to live following a stroke.

Competitors and Current Problems: While numerous programs exist to instruct and educate on aspects of stroke, they are often either not engaging, not informative, or lack a human aspect. Ideally, educational videos of this type would be broad in content, be presented in a pleasing manner, and contain real life stories that viewers could identify with.

The Technology: “Stroke: Conversations and Explanations” was developed by Sharon K. Ostwald of the UT School of Nursing and Thomas Cole of the UT Medical School to be an informative and heartfelt explanation of how a stroke occurs, and what its effects are on both the patient and the patient’s caregivers. Through interviews with couples viewers get a first hand explanation of how stroke effects families, and though discussions of the latest medical data, viewers get a look into the medical process that culminates in stroke as well as the latest treatments and rehabilitations.

UTHSC-H Ref. No.: 2008-0006-CR
UTHSCH Inventors: Sharon K. Ostwald and Thomas Cole
License Available: non-exclusive, worldwide

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