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Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI), Tejas Lee, and their Associated Progress Monitoring Instruments

Market: For some time, there has been a movement in the education field toward what is referred to as “evidence based instruction”. Stated another way, student performance is being measured based on principles of scientific investigation, and this is making the metrics of education more precise and rigorous. The number of children enrolled in kindergarten through third grade continues to rise, and the overwhelming number of these children will grow up and be educated with evidence based instruction. Additionally, the reading skills of these children are of great importance, so they can expect at some point to be exposed to a reading assessment instrument.

Competitors and Current Problems: Several programs are available to assess reading skills. However, these programs often focus on one narrow aspect to the detriment of others. For instance, they may act as a screen, but not as a diagnostic, or vice versa. An ideal program would contain elements of a screen to rapidly screen out students who do not need additional examination, as well as an assessment/inventory. This would allow an integrated approach to quickly screen out students, and then diagnose areas in need of additional work.

The Technology: The TPRI/Tejas LEE and their associated suite of technologies were developed with the idea that teachers should be teaching, not assessing. As a result, the TPRI contains quick screens that inform teachers which students should be examined more closely in a formal inventory/diagnostic. Following this, the TPRI/Tejas Lee’s associated progress monitoring instruments (the PMER, PMBR, MPLE, and MPLE) allow the teacher to more closely monitor those students who have been show to have needs. Finally, the TPRI and Tejas Lee’s associated intervention activity guides guide teachers with exercises they can do to assist emerging readers. The TPRI/Tejas Lee and their associated technologies present an integrated, research based program to assist teachers in boosting reading skills in k-3rd grade children.

UTHSC-H Ref. Nos.: 2002-0047-CR, 2002-0048-CR, 2005-0052-CR, 2005-0053-CR, 2005-0054-CR, 2005-0055-CR, 2005-0056-CR, 2005-0057-CR, 2006-0066-CR, 2006-0068-CR, 2006-0069-CR, 2006-0070-CR
UTHSCH Inventors: Jack Fletcher, Barbara Foorman, Dennis Ciancio, Kristi Santi and Victoria Moss
License Available: Paper and pencil version available for national exclusive license; within the field of computer based administration, national non-exclusive licenses available

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