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The C.I.R.C.L.E. Positive Beginnings Kit

Introduction: Numerous studies have shown the need for structured education of children. Unfortunately, how one should structure the educational materials, and what materials should be taught to children is often a mystery. The Positive Beginnings Kit was developed by C.I.R.C.L.E. to provide children with a specifically organized classroom set up and curriculum.

The Technology: This kit assists teachers and educators in providing an organized and productive environment. Teachers no longer need to spend hours drafting materials to hang in the classroom, or making up note cards. The materials are all included in the kit, and have been validated through research.

Contents of the Kit: The C.I.R.C.L.E. Positive Beginnings Kit contains the following components:

1. The Daily Schedule Chart: to keep the learning on track and teach children routines.
2. The Classroom Helpers Chart: assigns tasks in order to foster responsibility.
3. The Home and School Attendance Chart: a handy reference for attendance.
4. The Center Management System: fosters language developments and decision making.
5. The Classroom Rules Poster: displays important rules for the class.
6. The Letter Wall: helps promote language development.
7. The Activity Transition Book: lists activities to work on between major activities.
8. The Read Aloud Chart: promotes language development by instructing children to read aloud words corresponding to important aspects of language and literacy.
9. The Classroom Activities Chart: lists group activities to promote social development.
10. Classroom Environment Labels: encourages language development through class wide labels.
(Note: Available in both Spanish and English Versions)

Author(s): Susan Gunnewig, Linda Morgan, Thomas Waxley, and Susan Landry.

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