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eCIRCLE Early Childhood Educators Program

Market: Preschool education is becoming more and more commonplace, and, like all forms of education, more and more subject to scientific analysis. Since the preschool years comprise important developmental milestones for children, there is a heightened amount of interest in how children of this group are being educated. Nevertheless, there is a lack of formal education and training for those who teach pre-school children, and therefore, there is a need for a scientifically based curriculum that instructs teachers on how to best educate pre-school age children.

Competitors and Current Problems: The increased interest in pre-k education has led to several certification and education programs, however many of these lack one or more of the following shortcomings; either they are not research based, they are not easy to use, or they do not address all areas a pre-k teacher would need to be proficient in.

The Technology: Unlike other programs, the eCIRCLE program, developed by Dr. Susan Landry and Susan Gunnewig of the UT Health Science Center at Houston, gives pre-k teachers instruction on how to determine where a child should be developmentally. Also, the program focuses on instructing teachers how to make a classroom environment that stimulates social, cognitive, and physical growth in children. This is accomplished, in accordance with the principles of the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) through the creation of a classroom environment that is rich in the materials and instruction that are necessary for proper education of these children. This program teaches educators how to instruct children in ways that foster pre-literacy and enhance school readiness skills.

UTHSC-H Ref. Nos.: 2002-0046-CR and 2006-0013-CR
UTHSCH Inventors: Dr. Susan Landry and Susan Gunnewig
License Available: non-exclusive, worldwide

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