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Instructions for Reporting a Technology



Submitting a Technology Report Form or a Copyright Report Form to Office of Technology Management ("OTM") is the initial step in the Intellectual Property Process at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). If you have more than three creators, you may also need to submit with your Report an Additional Creator Addendum Form-Technology or Additional Creator Addendum Form-Copyright.  The following guidelines are intended to assist you :

  1. Upon completion, an original signed copy of the Report Form should be sent to OTM for review and scheduling of a meeting to discuss the discovery.
  2. The creator should conduct a preliminary literature and patent search, using the World Wide Web sites set forth in the disclosure. This information should accompany the Report Form. The creator is encouraged to speak with OTM prior to submitting a Report Form.
  3. At the time of the initial review of the technology, OTM may make one of several recommendations:

    A. UTHealth has an interest in the technology and such interest should be pursued either through a search and opinion or a patent application. OTM may select outside council to prepare the search and opinion and to work with the creator on the patent application.

    B. UTHealth has an interest in the invention; however sufficient data is not available for OTM to make an informed decision. In this instance the creator may be requested to continue his/her work and resubmit to OTM once he/she obtains the additional data or information requested by OTM;

    C. UTHealth does not have an interest in the technology and recommends that the technology be returned to the creator with certain conditions applied.
  4. When a search and opinion is received, OTM will review this document oftentimes with input from the creator.
  5. The creator should be aware that any publication or non-confidential presentation of the technology prior to the filing of a patent application may present a statutory bar and could jeopardize foreign rights. Please consult with OTM if a publication or presentation is planned.
  6. In the case of technologies which list two or more creators, it is UTHealth's policy that any royalty payments due the creators are to be shared equally unless an appropriate sharing arrangement is evidenced by a written agreement between the parties. An Inventor's Royalty Sharing Agreement can be obtained from OTM.
  • For assistance, please contact the Office of Technology Management at 713.500.3369