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The Biotechnology Commercialization Center (BCC), located in the University Center Tower (UCT) at UTHealth, is available for new startup companies. The BCC’s mission is to help commercialize and incubate UTHealth and Houston-based technologies, while increasing the number of Texas-based companies. Located within the heart of the Texas Medical Center, the BCC provides valuable access to information, collaboration and expertise.

Ammenities include:

• Approximately 15,000+ sq. ft of combined laboratory, office, and shared areas on three adjacent floors in UCT dedicated to startup companies
• Access to UTHealth core laboratory and animal services as well as capital equipment
• Conference and meeting spaces
• Shared building services
• Onsite Parking






Current Tenants



Bissex & Watson, P.C.

Bissex & Watson is a boutique law firm representing universities, companies, entrepreneurs, and investors in the commercialization of technology. The firm contributes to the success of its clients in a wide range of transactions, such as capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and providing general counsel advice on day-to-day matters. Members of the firm have both "big firm" experience and experience as general counsel of public companies, and they have experience starting and operating their own businesses.



Companion DX

Companion Dx Reference Lab specializes in pharmacogenomics testing, companion diagnostics for cancer treatment and colorectal cancer screening.



CorInnova, Inc.

CorInnova is a medical device company currently engaged in the development of revolutionary and innovative technologies that enhance heart recovery through the restoration of necessary mechanical stimuli. The minimally invasive technology promises to restore motion necessary for heart rehabilitation.


Ensysce Biosciences, Inc.

Ensysce Biosciences, Inc. is focused on the use of fullerene carbon nanotubes as delivery agents for cancer therapeutics. Carbon nanotubes' unique chemical structure allows them to form stable complexes with cancer-cell targeted agents ranging from small interfering RNA (siRNA) to currently existing cancer drugs such as taxol and doxorubicin. Carbon nanotube complexes can carry these active agents into cancer cells as payloads, protecting them during transport, and, importantly, releasing the payload once inside the cancer cells. All of these features make carbon nanotubes ideal for use with many active macromolecules.

guideVue, Inc.

guideVue, Inc. (formerly Advanced Guidance Systems) is a UTHealth portfolio company developing mobile products for iPhones, Androids, iPads, smart phones, etc. The technology created by M. Sriram Iyengar, Ph.D., is used to assist health workers in developing countries by providing step-by-step, rich media instructions for a host of medical conditions affecting children and adults. Other instructional application markets are also being pursued.




MetronomX, Inc.




Nano3D Biosciences, Inc.

Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. (n3D) seeks to create the industry leading standard for 3-dimensional cell culturing solutions. Using a proprietary combination of nanoparticle-based reagents and magnetic fields, n3D created a simple device to magnetically levitate cells to enable 3-dimensional tissue growth. n3D’s “Bio-Assembler” succeeds in offering an in vitro device that mimics the in vivo environment with many major advantages over existing cell culturing methods. This breakthrough technology will directly address core needs in life sciences, drug discovery, toxicology, and regenerative medicine.


PHusis Therapeutics, Inc.

Phusis Therapeutics, in collaboration with M.D. Anderson, is developing novel cancer agents, targeting the PH domain of high value cancer drug targets.



Vimecon GmbH

Vimecon GmbH is a medical device company located in Herzogenrath near Aachen (Germany). The 2005 founded company develops novel catheter components and high performance materials for cardiovascular medicine. The Core of the development is a laser-based catheter system which is more comprehensively applicable than previous systems and using drugs for heart rhythm disturbances. In addition Vimecon manufactures products for the medical technology and biotechnology, which includes microscopic catheter, and micro - conveying technology for accurate measurement and dispense of medications. Vimecon maintains numerous customers in the academic and industrial research and development. As an innovative startup, Vimecon has received several awards. Recently, Vimecon has been awarded as one of the World´s 50 Top Innovators in Life Science Technology (New York Venture Summit 2011) and is the Most Promising Life Science Technology Company worldwide (Texas Life Science Forum 2012).




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