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Startup Companies at UTHealth


OTM has 24 active UTHealth Portfolio Companies to date and has a large networks of contacts, from attorneys to investors, to advise and assist in the commercialization of new and innovative technologies. Additionally, funds are available for startup commercialization from OTM as well as from a variety of state and federal government funding programs, such as the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (see Funding Opportunities for more information).


Newest UTHealth Portfolio Companies:


     NIRF Imaging, Inc.


     Panamab, Inc.
     Astrotide, Inc.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Startup Companies


• Can UTHealth faculty participate in the formation of and hold positions in a new startup?Yes, with departmental chair approval and an applicable conflict of interest management plan, although OTM encourages participation be limited to Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).


• If my invention is licensed to a company, what compensation will I receive? Compensation may include equity in the company, a share in licensing or royalty revenues received by UTHealth, sponsored research funding, or income if you are a consultant of the company or a member of the SAB.


• Can UTHealth make small investments in a new startup? Yes!


• Where can I find out more information about startups at UTHealth? More information about startups at UTHealth is available here on OTM's website or by downloading OTM's startup brochure.


Biotechnology Commercialization Center (BCC)

The Biotechnology Commercialization Center (BCC), located inside the University Center Tower at UTHealth is available to startup companies to lease. The BCC contains approximately 15,000+ square feet of space to support the successful development of new businesses. | Read more...

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

An Entrepreneurs -in-Residence (EIR) Program has been launched at UTHealth through OTM to facilitate new venture activity based on technologies developed by UTHealth faculty, staff and employees. The EIR Program participants are typically serial entrepreneurs looking for the next latest and greatest technology to spin out into a new commercial entity. | Read more...