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Portfolio Companies


NIRF Imaging, Inc.



Panamab, Inc.



Astrotide, Inc.



guideVue, Inc.

guideVue, Inc. (formerly Advanced Guidance Systems) is a UTHealth portfolio company developing mobile products for iPhones, Androids, iPads, smart phones, etc. The technology created by M. Sriram Iyengar, Ph.D., is used to assist health workers in developing countries by providing step-by-step, rich media instructions for a host of medical conditions affecting children and adults. Other instructional application markets are also being pursued.


KnowMed, Inc.

KnowMED, Inc. is commercializing a semantic web technology developed by Dr. Parsa Mirhaji that allows for the rapid and efficient contextualization of data from multiple and highly disparate sources (clinical data, financial data, claims data, research data, environmental data, etc.).


IsoVax Technologies, Inc., LLC


LifeBot, LLC


Alzeca Biosciences, LLC


Neogenis Labs, Inc.

Neogenis Labs was created to develop novel formulations of nutritional supplements for daily cardiovascular health as well as enhanced exercise performance based on research developed by UTHealth’s Dr. Nathan Bryan in the Institute of Molecular Medicine. Neogenis launched their first product in August of 2010


Cerevast Therapeutics, Inc.

Cerevast Therapeutics, Inc. is a life sciences company with primary emphasis in the field of sonolysis for the treatment of vascular thrombus disorders. Based on technology created by Dr. Andrei Alexandrov, Cerevast plans to market a patented, innovative, operator-assisted transcranial doppler (TCD) ultrasound device with an initial therapeutic focus in the field of acute ischemic stroke. The company plans to leverage the unique geometry of the TCD device in combination with thrombolytics or proprietary microsphere technology as a non-invasive therapy for disrupting blood clots and restoring blood flow in the vasculature of the brain. Cerevast hopes to have the TCD device on the market in the next 18-24 months.


Accumed Systems, Inc.

Accumed Systems, Inc. commercializes innovative tools for interventional medicine. Recently, Accumed became a UTHSC-H Porfolio company by licensing the technology pioneered by UTHSC-H’s Drs. James Willerson and Ward Casscells in the area of thermal detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque.


EMIT Corporation

EMIT Corporation (Emergency Medical Interventional Technologies Corporation) is developing trauma care products based on innovative devices developed by UTHSC-H’s Drs. Charles Cox, Jr. and Brijesh Gill from the Departments of Pediatric Surgery and Surgery, respectively. EMIT’s first product includes a novel, patent-protected, portable fluid warmer to deliver therapeutic temperature management to patients experiencing hypothermia anywhere in the world and much sooner after injury.


Leonardo BiosystemsLeonardo Biosystems, Inc.

Leonardo Biosystems uses multi-stage nanovector drug delivery technology, based on research by UTHSC-H’s Dr. Mauro Ferrari and colleagues, to facilitate chemotherapy and biological anti-cancer agent delivery. The company’s first target market is refractory breast cancer.


NanoMedical SystemsNanoMedical Systems, Inc.

NanoMedical Systems (NMS) is developing novel implantable nanochannel-based drug delivery systems developed by Dr. Mauro Ferrari and colleagues. Nano-channel chips allow for controlled drug release from subcutaneous reservoirs. NMS is pioneering personalized medicine by integrating semiconductor, biotechnology, MEMS/NEMS, and pharmaceuticals.


Windmill Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.Windmill Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Windmill Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (WCS) is commercializing a left ventricular assist device and a total artificial heart, in addition to other cardiovascular and non-biomedical devices. The WCS blood pump, TORVADTM, eliminates inlet and outlet valves while providing capability for control and synchronization with the native heart over a wide range of blood flows from near steady flow to pulsatile flow.


Vanjan, Inc. Vanjan, Inc.

Vanjan, Inc. is developing a novel treatment to control mycobacterium tuberculosis infections (MTB) based on discoveries by UTHSC-H’s  Dr. James Stoops and collaborators.  The treatment is ideal for use in third world countries because of the inexpensive cost.  Vanjan is currently beginning clinical trials to test treatment efficacy .



SES's innovative web-based disaster exercise technology targets health care responders and other vital response sectors in areas where they have health related responsibilities, such as law enforcement, EMS, fire services, preparedness training in bioterror, mass casualty, natural disaster, and pandemic flu. SES webinars feature nationally known speakers dealing with topics pertinent to the disaster preparedness community to provide exercises and assessment needs.


Marval Biosciences IncMarval Biosciences, Inc.

Marval Biosciences Inc (est. 2007) is developing next generation contrast agents for high speed, high resolution CT scanners based on discoveries by UTHSC-H’s Dr. Ananth Annapragada. Marval’s agents remain in the circulation for hours, facilitating continuous follow-up imaging in patients with evolving vascular crises including myocardial infarcts, stroke, and pulmonary emboli. Marval recently completed a Series A funding of $1.4 Million as well as SBIR Phase II funding from the NIH.


TexTeachTexTeach, LLC

TexTeach, LLC develops and markets products in the field of elder care based on research by UTHSC-H’s Dr. Nancy Bergstrom and colleagues. TexTeach’s products include instructional videos titled “How to Predict and Prevent Pressure Sores” and “Elder Loving Care Oral Hygiene: Caregiver Training.


Endothelix, Inc.Endothelix, Inc.

Endothelix, Inc., an early stage medical company, was awarded a $1 million grant from the State of Texas Emerging Technologies Fund for the development of its VENDYS™ system, for the measurement of vascular reactivity, and endothelial dysfunction. Recently VENDYS™ was approved by the FDA for commercial sale.


Your Doctor ProgramYour Doctor Program

Your Doctor Program, co-founded by UTHSC-H’s Dr. Kim Dunn and Kevin Dunn in 2001, is a system that provides a patient assured healthcare access whether or not a patient has insurance. The system promotes a culture of accountability for treatment outcomes, improved communication among medical practitioners and translation of medical care for family and friends.


PLx Pharma Inc.PLx Pharma, Inc.

PLx Pharma Inc. specializes in developing new formulations of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) pioneered by Dr. Lenard Lichtenberger. PLx completed four clinical trials with two lead products, and a third product recently received IND approval. PLx raised over $11 million, and has sponsored $4M in research to UTHSC-H and UT Medical Branch.


Volcano Inc.Volcano, Inc.

Volcano Inc., (VOLC: NASDQ) est. in 2001, specializes in the manufacture of intravascular ultrasound and other devices for use in the assessment of heart and vascular disease. Volcano had an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in June 2006, based, in part, on the value of technology pioneered by UTHSC-H faculty Drs. James Willerson and Ward Casscells in the area of thermal detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque.  Volcano currently has over 500 employees with worldwide sales approaching $100 million.


Ampholife Technologies, Inc.

Ampholife Technologies, Inc. is commercializing technology for large-scale purification of biological materials. It currently manufactures the ATIsolator, a high-volume protein purification instrument that utilizes a fluid-phase isoelectric focusing format for high-resolution preparative purification of biomolecules and manufactures a series of ampholyte compounds which are used in the ATIsolator.



LifeCell (LIFC) develops and markets products in the field of regenerative medicine for use in reconstructive surgical procedures. LIFC’s products include ALLODERM® regenerative tissue matrix, for plastic reconstruction. LIFC had an IPO in 1992, and in 2008, projected revenues are estimated at $233.0 million. LIFC recently announced its acquisition by Kinetics Concepts Inc. for $1.7 B.