UT-Houston Medical School, Medic-Immunology

Participation in the AIDS Education Project is encouraged by the Immunology course director. Participation will earn 2 points (extra credit) towards your final grade. Participation is on a voluntary basis.


Volunteer placement schedules will be posted on Blackboard after the meeting. Please review instructions and assignments.


Opportunities to participate are available through the AIDS Foundation Houston ( The AFH programs will be detailed during the introductory meeting sometime in early January, 2014, to include (but are not limited to):


       AIDS Walk 2014: participation in the 24th annual AIDS Walk Houston (March 9th, 2014), with opportunities to assist in multiple aspects of the event, including establishing a participating "team". Walk date is Sunday 3/09/14. Participation times are scheduled through the AFH.

AIDS WALK Photos from previous years:

Photo Slide Show (2006)


       Stone Soup: assistance at the AFH auxiliary food pantry

       Other Opportunities: managed through AFH


Participation criteria to be defined to receive course credit.


Questions on assignments should be directly addressed to your student representatives: TBN and TBN.


For direct information concerning individual client service programs, contact Melody Patelis (Chief Development Officer) or Ron Goines (Director, Events and Corporate Relations).


Additional information may be obtained by contacting course director Jeffrey K. Actor, Ph.D. (, or Elizabeth Beguerie (Elizabeth


AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc.
6260 Westpark Dr. Suite #100

Houston, TX 77057