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Treponema denticola ATCC 35405 Sequence (15 Jan. 2004)

DNA Sequence

Predicted Protein Sequences

Predicted ORFs

Gene Coordinates with Descriptions (text file)

Gene Coordinates with Descriptions (Excel file)

Baylor College of Medicine, T. denticola Genome Project Website

             Includes BlastN, TBlastN, and FTP services

Publication: Seshadri et al. PNAS (USA) 101 (15): 5646. (2004)

General information about syphilis and Treponema pallidum (from the CDC)

STD Sequence Databases, Los Alamos National Laboratory Contains detailed information on each T. pallidum ORF, a gene image map, functional searches, EC table, biochemical pathways, etc.

T. pallidum genome sequence article published in Science 281:375-388 (July 17, 1998) PubMed Entry, Reprint Request

T. pallidum genome sequence files

Maps, Genbank Entries for the T. pallidum Genome and Other Treponema

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T. pallidum sequences

Display T. pallidum DNA sequence gtp4.1.seq (posted 17 July, 1998) 1157017 bytes

Gene list with coordinates, Version 4.1 (17 July, 1998)

Peptide sequences, Version 4.1 (posted 17 July, 1998) 422727 bytes

Open reading frame sequences, Version 4.1 (posted 17 July, 1998) 1141364 bytes

Codon frequency table, Version 4.1 (posted 17 July, 1998)

Instructions for downloading T. pallidum genome files by ftp

About version numbers

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Maps, Genbank Entries for the T. pallidum Genome and Other Treponema

Physical maps of the Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum Nichols genome: Version 1.5 (97/6/30)
NOTE: the Circular Map has been updated to reflect the completed genome

Sequences from T. pallidum and other Treponema with associated references

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