Training Opportunities

It is extremely important to expand your skills and create training plans for yourself as a postdoctoral fellow. There are a number of local and national training programs for postdoctoral fellows. It is important to find the right one for you!

Local Training Opportunities:

The Annual Career Symposium (joint effort between all TMC institutions: Baylor, Methodist, UT, TAMU-IBT, Rice and MD Anderson)

The GCC Keck Center

Masters in Clinical Research or Clinical Research Curriculum (very good program for MDs and those who want to get involved with clinical trials)

enVenture (for those of you interested in entrepreneurial careers)

Dr. Jack Gill's Life Science Entrepreneurship Course (Spring Semesters) - Part I

BioVentures Course - A Launchpad to Life Science Entrepreneurship - Part II


National Training Opportunities:

MBL Summer Programs at Woods Hole, MA

Keystone Symposia

Gordon Conferences

Wake Forest Animal Handling/Special Surgeries

NIH Training


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