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Conference Publications - 2011

  1. Tefera, GB; Zhou Y; Narayana PA. Reproducibility of Fiber Bundles from Different Sub sampled q-space DSI Data Set. ISMRM Montreal 2011.
  2. Goel, P; Datta, S; Bockhorst, KH; Navarro, JC; Robertson, CS; Narayana, PA. Atrophy in rats induced with mild TBI and hemorrhagic shock: A TBM-based analysis. ISMRM Montreal 2011.
  3. Herrera, J., Narayana, PA. Vasculary Stabilization with Angiopoitin-1 Improves Outcome in Experimental Spinal Cord Injury ISMRM, Montreal 2011.
  4. Narayana, PA. Effect of Chronic Cocaine Administration in Rodents: In vivo DTI Studies, 73rd Annual CPDD Scientific Meeting, Hollywood, Florida 2011.