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Conference Publications - 2012

  1. Y. Zhou, P. Goel, X. Sun, P.A. Narayana, Heterogeneity in Cerebral Blood Flow in Brain White Matter, Proc. of the 18th Annual Meeting of the OHBM, Beijing 2012.
  2. P.A. Narayana, J.S. Wolinsky, G. Cutter, F. Lublin, S. Datta, P. Goel, A pipeline for brain atrophy determination: Application to the CombiRx Clinical Trial, Proc. of the 17th Annual Meeting of the ACTRIMS, San Diego, 2012
  3. K.H. Bockhorst, C.K. Hui, P. Goel, P.A. Narayana, Effect of Registration on Fractional Anisotropy values, Proc. of the 20th Scientific Meeting of the ISMRM, Melbourne, 2012.

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