Presentations & Handouts


Susan D. John, M.D.

Pediatric EM Fellows Lecture: Imaging Pediatric Spine Trauma and Beyond


Susan D. John, M.D.

RSNA 2013: Challenges of Imaging Pediatric Abdominal Emergencies
Patient-Centered Radiology: How to Communicate Efficiently
Pediatric Cervical Spine Trama


Susan D. John, M.D.

RSNA 2012: Pelvic Pain in the Pediatric Patient


Susan D. John, M.D.

RSNA 2011: Non-Traumatic MSK Emergencies in the Pediatric ED


Susan D. John, M.D.

RSNA 10: Diagnoses Not to Miss PPT file, 16mb


F. A. Mann, M.D. and O. Clark West, M.D.

RC 608 – Spinal Injuries: Stable or Unstable? You make the call. PDF file, 41mb


Susan D. John, M.D.

Pediatric Trauma: Accidental or Inflicted?

Louis K. Wagner, Ph.D.

Angiography Radiation Dose – Limiting Dose to the Patient (while maintaining effective image quality)

Benefit /(Radiation) Risk in Medical Radiological Diagnosis and Intervention

Susanna C. Spence, M.D. and Manickam Kumaravel, M.D.

Femoral Head Fractures: A Critical But Frequently Missed Injury

O. Clark West, M.D.

Easily Missed Cervical Spine RC208B Handout

Essentials of Spine Trauma Imaging ES41B Handout