PGY-II: The Second Year emphasizes outpatient experience with enhancement of inpatient skills

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Second Year

Two Months One Month One Month One Month One Month One Month
Orthopedics LBJ Dermatology Psychiatry Consults MHH LBJ Inpatient Night Float Community
One Month One Month One Month One Month One Month
Pediatric Emergency Room LBJ MICU LBJ OB LBJ Cardiology MHH Geriatrics
Continuity Clinic – Three half day per week

Orthopedics -1 month

This outpatient experience is spent as a combination rotation at 1) a private orthopedist’s office and 2) the LBJ Ortho Clinic supervised by UT orthopedic faculty.

Psychiatry - 1 month

Residents rotate at Memorial Hermann Hospital on the psychiatric consult liaison service. The resident also has the opportunity to work with a visiting psychiatrist at a family medicine clinic.

Community Medicine - 1 month

Residents gain experience at home visits. There is dedicated time for reading and scholarly activity. A community project is required.

Dermatology - 1 month

This predominantly outpatient experience is spent with UT Dermatology faculty with no call.

Emergency Room Pediatrics - 1 month

Acute care for urgencies and emergencies is provided in the Pediatric Emergency Center at LBJ General. This is a pediatric emergency room experience with 12 hour shifts.

Medical Intensive Care Unit - 1 month

This rotation provides an excellent opportunity to learn Intensive Care management. Call is every 3rd-4th night at LBJ Hospital.

Obstetrics - 1 month

More time is spent managing labor in L&D than during the PGY 1 rotation. Rotation is at LBJ for four twelve hour shifts per week.

Inpatient Family Medicine LBJ General Hospital - 2 months

This service is supervised by Family Medicine faculty from our Division of Urban Family Medicine. Admissions are predominantly from our outpatient clinics, including Acres Home and Aldine Clinic. Call is every 6th or 7th night as the Night Float covers Sunday thru Thursday nights.

Cardiology - 1 month

UT Cardiology. No call. Time spent in the Hermann Center for Cardiology. Includes experience with heart station procedures including echo, stress test, nuclear imaging studies, and cardiac catheterization. Also includes time in UT attending cardiologist's clinics.

Geriatrics - 1 month

This long-term care rotation takes place at St. Dominic's Village, a 330 bed facility, and Garden Terrace Alzheimer's Center, a 120 bed facility. You will become familiar with the physiology of aging and dealing with the elderly.

LBJ Inpatient Night Float

You will become an integral part of the LBJ FM inpatient team and actively manage patients throughout the night - Sunday thru Thursday.