PGY-III: The Third Year emphasizes outpatient experiences and progressive supervision of the First and Second Year Residents.

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Three months of electives allow Residents to tailor their training for their future practice plans.

Third Year

Two Months One Month Two Weeks Two Weeks One Month One Month
Sports Medicine Urology ENT Inpatient Family
Medicine Service
at LBJ
LBJ Inpatient Night Float
Two Weeks Two Weeks
Podiatry Ophthalmology
One Month One Month One Month One Month One Month
MHH Inpatient Service MHH Inpatient Night Float Elective Elective Elective
Continuity Clinic -- Four half days per week

Outpatient Pediatrics - 2 months

One month of outpatient care at UTPB with no call. One month of outpatient care at the LBJ pedi out clinic with no call.

Urology and Office Surgery - 2 weeks each

Work with the UT Department of Urology at the Incontinence Center in the Texas Medical Center for two weeks. Includes prostatic problems, interstitial cystitis, and urological imaging.

Learn to handle the most common podiatry problems - two weeks.

Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology - 2 weeks each

Work with UT physicians at the UT Otolaryngology Clinic - two weeks.

Work with UT Ophthalmology Attending at the UTPB clinic and the Hermann Eye Center.

Inpatient Family Medicine: Hermann Hospital - 1 month

Management of patients admitted to Memorial Hermann Hospital from the UTPB Center for Family Medicine. Final opportunity to 'fine-tune' private practice skills. Call every 7th night. Continuity clinic one half day per week.

Inpatient Family Medicine: LBJ General Hospital - 1 month

The third year resident supervises 2 PGY-2 residents on our very by inpatient Family Medicine service. Admissions come from many of the Harris County Hospital District Clinics, including our 2 continuity clinics, as well as directly from the Emergency Room.

Sports Medicine - 1 month

Residents enjoy this rotation that gives them an opportunity to rotate with the UT Orthopedic Surgery Department. This experience includes diagnosis and treatment of common sports related injuries. The resident also gains valuable rehab experience at the Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance at Memorial Hermann.

Electives - 3 months

Choose from a wide variety of rotations and experiences. Popular rotations include Procedures, Outpatient Neurology, Endocrinology and Women's Health, Radiology, Hyperbaric Medicine, ER and Nephrology, to name a few.

LBJ Inpatient Night Float

Supervise PGY 2 resident covering the LBJ inpatient service at night. Oversee and guide admissions of patients from ER and patients referred by the HCHD satellite clinics.

MHH Inpatient Night Float

Supervise the PGY 1 resident covering the MHH Night Float. Oversee and guide admissions of patients and continuing care for in patients.