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Name Title Phone
Kirk S. Roden, MBA/FACHE Director of Management Operations 713-500-7035
Jacquie Parish Executive Assistant 713-500-5874


Name Title PGY Level
Ana Durand-Sanchez, MD Brain Injury Fellowship PGY6
Gina Armstrong, MD Brain Injury Fellowship PGY5
Richard Huang, MD Brain Injury Fellowship PGY5
D’Andrea Anders, MD Brain Injury Fellowship PGY5
Benjamin Tim Pence, DO Spinal Cord Injury Fellowship PGY5
Seema Rasheed, MD Pain Fellowship PGY5
Fellowship Coordinator: Pia Hughes, 713-799-5034


Name Degree PGY Level
Jess Arcure MD 2
James Dailey MD 2
Charles DeMesa DO 2
Satinderpal Dhah DO 2
Marie Frando MD 2
Viola Hysa MD 2
Monika Patel MD 2
Matthew Roh MD 2
Mary Russell DO 2
McCasey Smith MD 2
Miguel Escalon MD 3
Christopher Falco MD 3
Sara Goel DO 3
Miles Kilroy MD 3
James Lewis MD 3
Michael McGehee MD 3
Benjamin Mega MD 3
Omer Munshi MD 3
Margaret Oni MD 3
Jorge Pérez-López MD 3
Angélica Soberon MD 3
Rachel Zeider MD 3
Anand Allam MD 4
Joseph Amos (Chief Resident) MD 4
Amruta Ashtekar MD 4
Waheed Baksh MD 4
Karina Bouffard MD 4
Matthew Co (Chief Resident) DO 4
Craig DiTommaso MD 4
Varsha Gillala DO 4
Sheng Li MD, PhD 4
Ameet Nagpal (Chief Resident) MD 4
Paul Pezzino MD 4
Laurie Yablon DO 4
Resident Coordinator: Kiesha Sloan, 713-797-5770
Medical Student Coordinator: Pia Hughes, 713-799-5034

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